Lemoney is the ONLY social rewards program to offer Turbo Cashback:

A special promotion in which we offer higher cashback rates

Turbo Cashback is available at 1700+ stores, including some of our favorites like Walmart, Sephora, Best Buy, among many others.

Mobile site image
Mobile site image

Turbo cashback is only applied to one shopping click each month and up to a max amount

After the max amount is reached, regular cashback rates are applied to the remaining balance.

Keep an eye out on your inbox for promotions in which we offer extra/unlimited clicks with Turbo Rates.

How it works:

After clicking the Shop Now button, you will see the option to apply the Turbo cashback. Click Yes and done! The Turbo Rate will be applied to this purchase.

Site crash, wi-fi went down, or just didn't complete the purchase?

Don't worry, you can simply remove the Turbo rate from that shopping click.

Just go to My Cashback Page, find the shopping click you applied the Turbo to, click the activated Turbo Symbol, choose Yes, then you're done! The Turbo is now available to be used on another shopping click.

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Additional Info:

You can only remove the Turbo from a shopping click from the current month while it is still "Open".
Once it has switched to "Pending", the Turbo has been applied to that shopping click.

Questions or Suggestions?

Let us know at support@lemoney.com
We'd love to hear from you!

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