I. Lemoney Program Description

Lemmoney LLC (“Lemoney”) is a company located in Miami, Florida that aims to offer rewards and benefits to its members for participating in various activities on the Lemoney platform. Most of the activities involve making purchases and participating in activities with Lemoney’s retail partners who advertise their products and services on the Lemoney platform.

II. Becoming a Member at Lemoney

Cost: It is free to sign up as a member of Lemoney (a “Member”).

Age: You must be at least 18 years old to join;

Participation Requirements:

  1. You agree to be bound by this agreement. By becoming a Member, you accept all of Lemoney’s Terms of Use (the “Master TOU”), Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”), and the Program Terms and Conditions contained in this document (the “Program TOS”, and together with the Master TOU and the Privacy Policy the “TOU”). If you disagree with any part of the TOU, do not become a Member and stop accessing the Lemoney website.

  2. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the TOU at all times, including any changes that may take place after you become a Member. If you disagree with any part of the TOU after you become a Member, immediately cancel your Membership and stop accessing the Lemoney website.

  3. Some activities on Lemoney may have their own specific terms of use. These Program TOS are in addition to the Master TOU and have the same effect as the Master TOU.

  4. You agree not to use Lemoney for any illegal, fraudulent, or wrongful activity.

  5. You agree to observe the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and all other rules of each third party service or website to which you are referred or otherwise directed from Lemoney.

  6. By becoming a Member, you affirm that you join and participate of your own volition, and your decision to become a Member is based solely on the information contained in the TOU and on the Lemoney website and not any third party source.

  7. You agree that your participation as a Member does not constitute any kind of employment or agency relationship with Lemoney or any other Member.

  8. You agree to maintain a valid email address while a Member and to keep your email address up-to-date in your profile. You further agree to receive relevant communications regarding your Lemoney account (“Account Communications”) at your email address and any other contact information that you provide in your profile, and you also agree to receive marketing communications from Lemoney containing coupons, special offers, and other information about Lemoney’s Affiliates (“Marketing Communications”). You may opt out of Marketing Communications in your account settings, but you may not opt out of Account Communications.

  9. You agree to keep your login information safe and secure at all times. You agree not to share your login information with third parties, including Lemoney employees. We will never ask you for your password.

  10. You are not required to install any software to participate in Lemoney; however, you must have internet access, a browser that is compliant with the latest HTML, XHTML, and XML standards, and Javascript and cookies enabled on your browser. If you use any pop-up blocker, ad blocker, or any other tool that modifies the traffic or information transmitted to you, Lemoney may not be able to track your participation accurately and you may not receive Rewards for your participation.

Lemoney's Rights and Obligations:

  1. Your participation in Lemoney and all earning opportunities is at Lemoney’s sole discretion.

  2. We may amend the TOU, any other terms and conditions, or any other rules, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice.

  3. Lemoney does not promise or guarantee any amount of compensation or Rewards.

  4. Lemoney depends on third party affiliates (the “Affiliates”) for accurate and timely reporting and payment of Lemoney’s Commissions to determine any compensation or reward that you may earn. You understand and agree that Lemoney is under no obligation to verify the accuracy of any information or payment that it receives from Affiliates, and that the information and payments that Lemoney receives from them are Lemoney’s sole basis for determining the amount of any compensation or reward that you may earn.

  5. Lemoney will not authenticate access to your account and your Rewards by any means other than the login and authentication procedures on the Lemoney website. You agree that Lemoney is not responsible for any credits or debits made to your account as a result of unauthorized access to or use of your account by a third party.

Ways to Join:

You may reach Lemoney either by accessing the Lemoney website or through a referral link. Once you have reached the website, there are several ways to register for a Lemoney account:

  1. Create a login with an email address and a password.

  2. Click on the "Facebook®" button on the registration page to create an account linked to your Facebook profile. You understand and agree that relevant personal information from your Facebook profile will be accessed and used to create your Lemoney account.

  3. Click on the ”Google/Gmail” button on the registration page to create an account linked to your Google Account. You understand and agree that relevant personal information from your Google account will be accessed and used to create your Lemoney account.

  4. You must have a valid email address. Lemoney will send you a confirmation email with an activation link that you must click to complete your registration. Your account will remain in “Pending” status until you have clicked on the activation link. Lemoney reserves the right not to accumulate Rewards to your account while it is in Pending status. You may not redeem any Rewards from your account while it is in Pending status. Lemoney may periodically review Pending accounts for termination at its sole discretion. You must have a valid email address. After you complete and submit the registration form (by providing all required information, accepting the TOU, and clicking the [Join Now] button), Lemoney will send you a confirmation email with a unique personal activation link. You must go to your email, click on the activation link, and login to Lemoney to complete your registration. Your account will remain in “Pending” status until you have performed all of these steps. Lemoney may periodically review Pending accounts for termination at its sole discretion.

III. Maintaining Membership at Lemoney

Membership Status, Inactivity, and Account Deactivation:

There are three Membership statuses:

  1. “Active” – the status for members who have performed at least one Qualifying Activity (a purchase of at least $25.00 or referral of a friend who makes a purchase of at least $25.00 within 8 months after joining Lemoney) in the past 6 months.

  2. “Dormant” – the status for members who last performed a Qualifying Activity between 6 and 12 months ago.

  3. "Inactive” – the status for members who have not performed a Qualifying Activity for more than 12 months. Inactive members may have their account cancelled. If an Inactive account’s balance is zero, the account will be permanently terminated one month after becoming Inactive. If such account’s balance is more than zero, Lemoney reserves the right to deduct a maintenance fee of $5.00 per month from an Inactive account until the account becomes Active again or until the Account Balance reaches zero. When an Inactive account’s balance reaches zero, the account is permanently terminated.

Lifetime Bar

The Lifetime Bar helps users visualize when their account status is about to change (e.g. from Active to Dormant; from Dormant to Inactive). Every time a user completes a Qualifying Activity (a purchase of at least $25.00 or referral of a friend who makes a purchase of at least $25.00 within 8 months after joining Lemoney), user’s Lifetime Bar is increased to the maximum level. From that point, an account becomes Dormant after 6 months and Inactive after 12 months unless the user completes another Qualifying Activity.

Termination of Membership:

The following are violations of Lemoney’s membership policy and may result in termination of membership:

  1. Having more than one account.

  2. Using the same email address for more than one account (even if the accounts belong to different people).

  3. Transferring, assigning, renting, selling, or sublicensing an account to another.

  4. Allowing another person to access your account (except in the case of parents who open accounts on behalf of children between 13 and 18 years of age).

  5. Circumventing the membership rules through bots or other means.

If Lemoney terminates your account, at its sole discretion, for violating any of the above or for any other action or activity that Lemoney determines, at its sole discretion, to constitute fraud, deceit, or circumvention of any of Lemoney’s rules, you agree to forfeit your entire Account Balance and all pending Rewards not yet credited to your Account Balance, and be excluded from Lemoney in the future.

In the event that Lemoney is notified by an Affiliate or other third party that a Member is believed to have committed fraud or otherwise violated such third party’s terms of service (a “Third-Party Violation”), Lemoney may, at its option and in its sole discretion, undertake any combination of the following actions:

IV. The Lemoney Network and Communities


Each Member has a unique referral link that can be used to invite others (“Invitees”) to join Lemoney. Invitations can be sent by email through Lemoney, third party / social media tools (e.g. Facebook) directly integrated into Lemoney, and manual copying, pasting, and sharing of the unique link generated by Lemoney. These are the only permissible methods of inviting someone with your referral link (you are always welcome to tell others about Lemoney in any way you like, but the official referral link can be shared in only these three ways). Any new Member who joins without using your unique referral link may not become part of your referral list. There is no limit to the number of people you may invite. You may not pledge, promise, or give any type of compensation, benefit, or reward to Invitees.

You agree that:

  1. You are solely responsible for any information that you send to your Invitees, you are not an employee or agent of Lemoney, you will not speak or make any representations on behalf of Lemoney (the only official sources of information regarding Lemoney and its Rewards Program are the TOU and Lemoney's website), and all the information and representations that you provide to your Invitees are solely your opinion and not those of Lemoney;

  2. Not to use Lemoney for any illegal, fraudulent, or wrongful activity;

  3. You will refer all invitees to the TOU on the Lemoney website;

  4. Lemoney cannot send invitations to those who have requested not to receive communications from us, have already registered with Lemoney, or have been excluded from Lemoney for fraud, violation of Lemoney rules, or other reasons;

  5. Lemoney does not guarantee that referral links will work properly and cannot be held responsible if you are not properly credited for an invitation;

  6. An invitee who receives invitations from multiple Lemoney users may choose to register through any of the referral links (or none of them). Lemoney reserves the right to deny any Invitee’s Membership application for any reason, at its sole discretion;

  7. Lemoney may send periodic reminders and new invitations to Invitees who have not yet responded your invitation;

  8. Lemoney may use Invitees’ email addresses for relevant marketing campaigns, but Invitees have the option to opt out of such communications;

  9. All invitations have an expiration date and time;

  10. Lemoney is not responsible for the terms and conditions, privacy policy, or other rules of any third party service that you use to send your referral link, and it is your responsibility to observe all applicable third party rules;

  11. Lemoney is not responsible for any change, activity, or other effect to your third party accounts resulting from your use of third party services to send your referral link (e.g. any activity that may appear on your Facebook Timeline);

  12. Your invitations will not contain comments that are offensive or seek to tarnish Lemoney's image; and

  13. You will indemnify Lemoney for any damages or liability that may result from any representations that you make in connection with an invitation.

V. The Lemoney Rewards Program

Shopping through Lemoney

Lemoney receives commissions (“Commissions”) from Affiliates for purchases that Members make after reaching the Affiliates through Lemoney’s platform (“Referrals”). Lemoney makes Referrals through links that these Affiliates place (or that their third party marketing agents place on their behalf) on Lemoney to promote their stores, offers, coupons, promotions, products, and services. Rewards are available to Members because of these Commissions. Lemoney does not directly sell any products or services.

You agree that:

  1. Offers, products, prices, coupons, discounts, and any other information provided by Lemoney’s Affiliates are the sole responsibility of the responsible Affiliates, and Lemoney does not guarantee the accuracy of any such information;

  2. Lemoney may remove any link, offer, coupon, discount, promotion, or other content at any time at its sole discretion;

  3. Affiliates are free to join or leave Lemoney as they wish, and Lemoney cannot guarantee the participation of any Affiliate;

  4. Lemoney may remove Affiliates at any time at its sole discretion;

  5. Lemoney depends on its Affiliates for accurate and timely reporting and payment of Lemoney’s Commissions to determine any compensation or reward that you may earn;

  6. Lemoney is under no obligation to verify the accuracy of any information or Commissions that it receives from Affiliates, Affiliates may change or claw back Commissions due to returns, disputes, or any other reason at their sole discretion, and the information and Commissions (including any later adjustments) that Affiliates provide are Lemoney’s sole basis for determining the amount of any compensation or reward that you may earn;

  7. You and Lemoney are both bound by all applicable Affiliate or other third party terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other rules;


  9. Lemoney cannot give compensation, rewards, or any other type of credit or recognition for any Referral where the relevant Affiliate does not pay Lemoney’s Commission.

Lemoney Rewards

Lemoney offers various types of rewards to its Members for various activities (the “Rewards”). The Rewards include: “Cash Back” (Rewards earned for each Member’s direct purchase of products and services from Affiliates), Turbo credits (a bonus multiplier of cashback rates) and any other reward or benefit that Lemoney may offer at its sole discretion.

To earn Rewards, a Member must be logged in to Lemoney and enable cookies when performing the relevant activities. The Member must also observe and follow all additional requirements and conditions applicable to each relevant activity in their entirety. Not all activities are eligible for Rewards; if an activity does not include any information about Rewards, then it is not eligible for Rewards. The only official and recognized source of information about Rewards is the Lemoney platform.

Rewards will be credited to your "My Money" account (“Account Balance”) when they are confirmed and final. After you complete a Reward-earning activity, the Rewards associated with that activity are generally “pending” until reported, confirmed, and finalized by the relevant Affiliate (depending on the Affiliate’s policy, this may include an extended waiting period in case of refunds or other adjustments). The waiting period varies from activity to activity and from Affiliate to Affiliate, but it can take up to six months for a “pending” Reward to become finalized. Lemoney cannot provide or guarantee a timeframe for the crediting of any Reward, but Lemoney will work to credit all pending Rewards as quickly as possible.

Lemoney reserves the right to request proof of purchase at its sole discretion before crediting Rewards. Lemoney further reserves the right to make adjustments to a Member’s Account Balance at any time due to a refund, fraud, or any other reason at Lemoney’s sole discretion.

You agree that Lemoney may share your account information and review your account with Affiliates and other relevant third parties to determine whether fraudulent activity has occurred. You grant Lemoney permission to so share such information. You hereby acknowledge and agree that you may be subject to taxes for your receipt of payments from Lemoney, depending on the tax laws of the federal, state, and local jurisdictions applicable to you, and that you are solely responsible for any and all tax liability arising out of any payment or other consideration that you receive from Lemoney. Lemoney reserves the right to withhold or otherwise deduct a portion of any payment due to you to satisfy any tax liability. It is your responsibility to ensure that your earnings and tax liability are accurately reported and paid to the applicable authorities.

Cash Back

Cash Back are available to Members for certain purchases with Affiliates made after a Referral through the Lemoney platform while the Member is logged in, provided that all the applicable requirements and conditions are met (each such Cash Back-earning purchase a “Qualifying Purchase”). To make a Qualifying Purchase, simply click on the Affiliate’s store, product, coupon, offer, or other link on Lemoney and complete a purchase. The purchase must be completed during the same session (i.e. if you visit an Affiliate through Lemoney, leave the Affiliate’s website by going to a different website or closing the browser or any other means, and later return to complete a purchase, you may not be eligible for Cash Back). Lemoney and its Affiliates may use cookies to track and authenticate your activity. If you disable cookies on your browser, your Referral may not be reported properly and you may not receive Cash Back.

Cash Back is calculated on the net base amount (the “Base Spending”) of the purchase. Base Spending excludes taxes, shipping, gift wrapping, ineligible purchases, extended warranty, and any other spending not eligible for inclusion in Base Spending. The Base Spending also includes adjustments for discounts and credits, returns, and cancellations. Depending on the Affiliate’s policy, Cash Back may not be available for payments made with gift cards.

Some Affiliates offer different Cash Back rates for different types of purchases (and may not offer any Cash Back at all for certain types of purchases, such as purchases of gift cards). It is your responsibility to be familiar with the terms, conditions, requirements, and exclusions applicable to each Referral and each purchase.

If you have any questions about potentially missing or incorrect Cash Back, please contact Customer Support and provide a confirmation or receipt of your purchase. Lemoney does not accept any confirmation or receipt that is more than 90 days old. If an Affiliate cannot identify a purchase transaction or activity based on the information you provide, Lemoney cannot credit you with Cash Back or other Rewards for the activity.

Turbo Credits

Turbo Credits is a way for Members to “boost” the store’s regular cashback rates by performing certain activities that earn these bonuses Turbo Credits can be earned and then applied as a multiplier to retailer’s regular cashback percentages.

Members may earn Turbo Credits for performing certain activities (e.g. purchases, missions, tasks, challenges) announced from time to time. Like Rewards for Qualifying Purchases, some Turbo Credits may remain in “pending” status in case of adjustments and will not be credited to a Member’s account until finalized. Each Member’s Turbo Credits are stored in that account until used or they will expire after one year for the day they were credited.

Activities to Earn Turbo Credits

Different “Activities” may be offered to Members from time to time as an additional way to earn Rewards. No member is required to perform Activities. When available, Activities are announced on the Lemoney website and available to interested Members. Activities may not be offered to all Members. Certain Activities may be limited to a certain number of participants. Performing Activities, whether or not successfully, does not create any employment or agency relationship between Lemoney and the Member.

Activities may have expiration dates. It is your responsibility to be familiar with any applicable deadlines and requirements and conditions that pertain to an Activity. You will not earn any Rewards if you fail to satisfy all applicable requirements and conditions of an Activity or if you fail to complete an Activity by its deadline.

Lemoney reserves the right to change or cancel any Activity (or the Rewards, requirements, or conditions of any Activity) at any time at its sole discretion. Lemoney further reserves the right to adjust or deny any Member’s Rewards for completing an Activity at any time at its sole discretion. If Lemoney suspects, in its sole determination, an attempt to circumvent the terms of an Activity, the violating Member will forfeit all Rewards and be subject to other penalties, including termination of the Member’s account. Lemoney reserves the right to cancel Turbo Credits from any Member, in the event that the Activity that resulted in such Turbo Credits is cancelled.

Some Activities may involve performing actions on Affiliate websites. For such Activities, Rewards for completing the Activity will remain “pending” until reported as finalized by the Affiliate, and the final determination of the Reward depends on the Affiliate’s accurate reporting of the Member’s activities (and, if applicable, payment of Commissions to Lemoney).

Sweepstakes, Contests, and Other Promotions

Sweepstakes, Contests, and Other Promotions (collectively “Contests”) may be offered to Members from time to time as an additional way to earn Rewards. Any such Contests may have additional terms, conditions, and requirements that must be observed and satisfied. By participating in a Contest, you agree to comply with such additional terms, and you further agree that we may disclose to third parties certain information about your performance and results in such Contests.

VI. Withdrawals

Members may request a payment of any amounts of Rewards in their “My Money” account, provided that the applicable minimum withdrawal amount (discussed below) is met. Rewards in “pending” status cannot be withdrawn until credited to the “My Money” account.

In order to process a withdrawal request, the Member’s profile must be complete with all required information (e.g. full name, address, date of birth, phone number, etc). An SMS will be sent to confirm the user authenticity. Lemoney cannot process a withdrawal for any Member who does not have a physical address in the USA. All payments will be made in U.S. Dollars. Only Members whose accounts are Active may request payment.

Method of Payment - by Paypal

Minimum withdrawal: $25.

Payments to Members will be processed only via Paypal, and Members must have a U.S. registered Paypal account. Paypal accounts outside of the US may be subject to payment restrictions and may not be processed by Lemoney. Each Paypal account registered in the Lemoney website will be linked to one individual Member and may not be used by other Members. Members must confirm their Paypal email address before a Paypal withdrawal request can be processed. Paypal withdrawals may be requested at any time. Lemoney will process the payment within 10 business days. Eventual fees charged by PayPal will be subtracted from the amount to be redeemed.

Additional Rules for Withdrawals

You agree that:

  1. Payments involve third party processors (e.g. Paypal) and you will observe the terms and rules of every applicable third party;

  2. Lemoney is not responsible for any problems caused by third party errors related to a requested payment;

  3. Lemoney is not responsible for payments that are lost as a result of any inaccurate or incomplete information provided during the withdrawal process or in your profile; and

  4. Lemoney is not responsible for any lost or stolen payments, including but not limited to the event that a third party withdraw your payments from your Paypal account without authorization.

  5. In some cases a small PayPal fee may apply

VII. Miscellaneous

Lemoney Reservation of Rights

Lemoney reserves the right to terminate the Lemoney program or website, or to change the rules of the program, at any time with or without notice at its sole discretion. This means that the accumulation of Rewards does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to such Rewards or program benefits. Lemoney Rewards, whether “pending”, available for withdrawal in a Member’s “My Money” account, or otherwise, do not constitute property of the Member. Your continued participation in Lemoney after any modification to the program or the rules shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any such modification. It is your responsibility to check the TOU regularly to determine whether anything has been modified. If you do not agree to any modification of the TOU, you must immediately cease participation in Lemoney.

All rights over Lemoney’s website, platform, and contents are reserved to Lemoney LLC under the copyright laws of the USA.

Lemoney does not guarantee that access to the site will be uninterrupted or free of error. Lemoney assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by such access or impossibilities.

Member Obligations

You agree not to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, copy, or otherwise obtain or attempt to obtain the source code of Lemoney platform for any reason. The Lemoney platform and its underlying information and technology may not be exported or re-exported to any country or person on the list of Specially Designated Nationals or the Denied Persons List as updated from time to time by the US Departments of Treasury and Commerce, respectively.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Lemoney, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, and employees for and from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney's fees, made by any party due to or arising out of your use of Lemoney’s and Affiliates’ websites, platforms, and services, including in connection with a Third-Party Violation.

Your participation in Lemoney is subject to the TOU. All Affiliate membership agreements, terms and conditions, and other rules as they relate to their partnership with Lemoney and your use of their services are hereby incorporated into this Program TOS by reference.

Browser extensions

Lemoney offers the possibility to install a client side helper on enabled browsers, that ables the user to detect proactively, websites that offer cashback rates at Lemoney, while in search engines, such as Google or at specific stores. To make any cashback rate available, the user is required to take an action on the extension side, so that it becomes available. Lemoney is not responsible for rates that were not enabled before the purchase. Lemoney only lists stores according to affiliates program rules and will remove any advertisers that are opposed to be listed on the extension.


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, without reference to conflicts of law rules. As a condition of the use of the Lemoney platform and service, you agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the county of Miami-Dade, Florida and therefore agree to file any grievance or suit of any kind exclusively in the courts located within the county of Miami-Dade.

If any provision of this Program TOS is found invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent possible, and the other provisions contained herein will remain in full force and effect. Lemoney’s failure to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any provision of this Program TOS shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right. This Program TOS constitutes the entire agreement between you and Lemoney with respect to the Lemoney Program.

Last updated: March 27, 2019