Exclusions and Limitations

Some retailers have specific rules (exceptions) for each cash back program. These exceptions are described in the left column at Stores page. Some products or promotions may not be eligible for cash back. Every time this happens, we will describe exceptions briefly. Lemoney is not responsible for any change in these terms. We will do our best efforts to keep these exceptions updated at Stores page, on "Cash Back Description” area. The retailer itself is the responsible for tracking all orders and defining which transaction is eligible to cash back. Please, be advised that cash back programs are responsibility of each store and content can change over time and restrictions may apply. Lemoney will focus on presenting the most accurate information, but cannot guarantee it due to its time-sensitive nature: store exceptions change regularly and Lemoney reserves the right to cancel or delay cash back payments when affiliate stores alter their policies or refuse to pay Lemoney a commission.

Stores can be deactivated on Lemoney through third parties platforms' request. In this case, we will make best efforts to guarantee that these stores will not show on Lemoney website until their reactivation is communicated to us. We cannot guarantee that any bookmarked page previously saved on your browser will work properly. A previous browser section can also become invalid after some time, so we always recommend you to perform a fresh navigation on Lemoney to guarantee that stores are still activated.

About Lemoney user and platform tracking: to be eligible to cash back rewards, user must be tracked by Lemoney platform. For this purpose, it’s mandatory for users to keep javascript and cookies enabled. They are crucial elements to track user's transactions. When user leaves Lemoney website to a partner's website without being logged in, our gateway page will ask user to do so. Once it's done, we will be able track the process/purchase. If user chooses not to log in, Lemoney will not be able to track this transaction with a valid user ID, and transaction will not be eligible to cash back. Including that, user or other third party tool(as browser extension) cannot modify any parameter in current Lemoney’s URLs - this can also affect or even block Lemoney to track a transaction.

Usually, program policies have purchases restrictions regarding user’s geolocation. Lemoney operates in US market and our tracking process is focused on retailers' US homepages. Exceptions may be applied and these will be described at “Cash Back Description", but the regular behaviour is that a cash back is only eligible on purchase done in US territory. Any purchase made outside US territory won't be eligible to cash back.

We cannot provide cash back for any additional costs on purchases. These additional costs can be taxes, shipping costs and others. Products/stores not promoted by Lemoney are also not eligible to cash back. By default, transactions paid with gift card or certificates, as well as store credits are not eligible to cash back (unless stores decide to make changes in their policies). Transactions performed on a Lemoney’s partner by phone or personally, even an increment in a previous online purchase made through Lemoney, will not be eligible to cash back on Lemoney.

About coupons: Lemoney provides coupons that can be combined with cash back, allowing users to get maximum savings. Each store page will provide coupons to be used at that partner. Pay attention to coupon`s description, expiration date and code. These conditions are mandatory to validate a discount or other promoted advantage.

Lemoney cannot guarantee that coupons will work on our retail partners' website. We cannot guarantee that coupons distributed by any store is valid on a purchase process or even if the product chose by the user is affected by any coupon exception rule. Our role is just to publish this offers as provided to us by Lemoney partners. Being any related subject responsibility of those who provide that information. If you choose to use any third party coupons/offers not listed in Lemoney webpage on Lemoney’s partners, even accessing them through Lemoney gateway when logged in, we are not responsible for results, making user and Lemoney tracking for this partner deactivated. Canceling your cash back reward for this purchase.This situation is still possible if user has enabled browser extensions that affect the purchase process, such as coupon search tools and others.