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Cashback is a cash reward given to you every time you shop online through Lemoney.

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Turbo cashback is available exclusively at Lemoney

Apply turbo credits to boost your cashback up to a max amount and earn much more than regular rates

How it works

What is a turbo credit?

It’s a bonus that allows you to increase your cashback rate.

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How to get it

You can get credits just for using Lemoney.
It’s that simple!

How to use it

When shopping through Lemoney, you can apply up to five turbo credits on your purchases. The more credits you use, the higher the cashback rate will be.

Step by Step

Access our video where we explain how to use the credits.

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Invite your friends

Earn turbo credits when a friend joins and makes a qualifying purchase! They also get credit! Learn more

Turbo Cashback is available at 1581 stores