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Cashback & Coupons

Can I use a coupon and still earn cashback on my purchases?

As long as the coupon is found on Lemoney, you can use it and earn cashback to maximize your savings. However, if you use a coupon not found on Lemoney.com, even if it’s provided by the own store, it may void your cashback.

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What is cashback?

Cashback is a monetary rebate on online purchases.

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Where can I check my purchases?

You can check your shopping clicks in your My Cashback tab: https://www.lemoney.com/user_dashboard/my-cashbacks

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Can I earn cashback on in-store purchases?

Currently, Lemoney only works with online purchases. In-store purchases will not earn cashback.

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What is a coupon?

A coupon is a special promotion provided by the store to maximize your savings even further. There are a few different types of coupons, such as: Free Shipping, % Off, Buy One Get One Free (BOGO), Free Gift with Purchase, etc. Click the coupon’s Shop Now button and make sure to apply the coupon code while checking out and pay special attention to the coupon’s expiration date.

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Do all purchases qualify for cashback rewards?

Cashback is not available on taxes, shipping, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift cards/certificates or store credit. Additionally, some stores do not award cashback on specific products and/or categories. Make sure to check out each store’s exclusions on the Cashback Terms tab prior to completing your purchase.

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Why is my Cashback pending?

Each store has its own period to register, process and make the cashback payment. While the cashback is still pending, we are still waiting for the returning period to elapse and/or for the corresponding payment from the store. You can follow each cashback status and payment date on http://www.lemoney.com/user_dashboard/my-cashbacks .

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How do I make sure that I am earning cashback?

For you to use our website correctly, you must log in first. After that, search for the store you want to shop at in the search field and click the 'Shop Now' button. You will be redirected to the store’s site, where you should shop as usual. To ensure your purchases are correctly tracked, make sure you’re not logged into any other cashback program while shopping through Lemoney (don’t forget to check if any browser extensions are activated). The last click before arriving at the store’s page and completing the purchase must be Lemoney’s Shop Now button. The purchase must be completed in a single session. Any items already in the shopping cart prior to clicking Lemoney's Shop Now button will not be tracked and can invalidate cashback for the entire purchase. The use of coupons or promo codes not found on Lemoney.com may void cashback.

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Why is my shopping click still Waiting?

With the exception of Aliexpress*, it can take up to one week for your purchase to show up. But usually, it is faster than that. It depends on the retailer's speed to send us the transaction info. Please, open an inquiry if your purchase is still Waiting after 7 days of completed delivery. *Aliexpress is one of the retailers which takes the longest to send the purchase info to Lemoney. It can take between 6-8 weeks for the purchase info to be updated.

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What if I want to return or cancel an order?

Cashback will be reversed on orders that were cancelled/refunded. Exchanges also usually reverse cashback rewards. In the process of an exchange, the store cancels the original order and replaces it with a new one. When the store registers the new order, it usually fails to capture the referral from Lemoney and doesn’t credit us a commission. To avoid losing cashback on an exchange, we recommend returning the product and making a new transaction via Lemoney.

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When will my Cashback be available?

Your shopping click will switch from Pending to Confirmed and cashback will be available after 4 months of your purchase for the majority of the retailers. For travel/rental sites, it is 6 months. You can check out the date in your My Cashback tab http://www.lemoney.com/user_dashboard/my-cashbacks .

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Why did my purchase register $0.00 cashback?

Usually*, when a purchase registers as $0.00 cashback, it means the item purchased was from the exclusions list (available in the Cashback Terms), or the purchase was paid with a gift card and therefore not eligible for cashback. If you believe this is not the case for your purchase, please open an inquiry so we can investigate your case. *Travel/rental sites work a little differently than regular retailers. It can take up to 3 months after the completed stay for the cashback to be posted. Please open an inquiry if by the end of this period the cashback still hasn't been posted.

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Why was I charged a fee?

PayPal accounts registered in countries other than the United States are subject to flat fees depending on the recipient’s account country. These flat fees are updated according to PayPal policies (https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees#fixed-fees).

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How is the cashback paid?

You can redeem your cashback via PayPal: we deposit your payment in your account - in some cases, a small PayPal fee may apply. When you reach the minimum required amount ($25), and its status is available, just click the ‘Redeem Money’ button on http://www.lemoney.com/user_dashboard/my-money and fill in the required information. Payment will be made within 5 business days.

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How does Turbo Cashback work?

Each new member joining Lemoney will automatically earn 1 Turbo Cashback rate, which can be applied on the purchase of their choice. After that, the member will need to complete suggested activities to earn additional Turbo Cashback Credits. You can choose to apply as many as 5 Turbo Rate Credits to a single purchase. To apply a Turbo Credit to a purchase, simply click the Shop Now button and apply the credit when prompted.

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What is Turbo Cashback?

Turbo Cashback is a special promotion in which you can earn higher cashback rates than usual. The Turbo Rate is applied up to a max amount, which is different for each store. After the max amount is reached, the regular cashback rate will be applied to the remaining balance.

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Can anyone join Lemoney?

Our program is focused on US-based websites. We cannot guarantee cashback payment on purchases made on sites outside the US. According to our T&Cs: In order to process a withdrawal request, the Member’s profile must be complete with all required information (e.g. full name, address, date of birth, phone number, etc). An SMS will be sent to confirm the user authenticity. Lemoney cannot process a withdrawal for any Member who does not have a physical address in the USA. All payments will be made in U.S. Dollars.

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Can I have more than 1 account?

No, each person can only have one Lemoney account. Be careful! If we detect more than one account for the same user, both profiles may be cancelled and deleted.

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Will my cashback ever expire?

Membership Status, Inactivity, and Account Deactivation:

There are three Membership statuses:

“Active” – the status for members who have performed at least one Qualifying Activity.

“Qualifying Activity” means a completed and confirmed purchase of more than $50.00.

"Inactive” – the status for members who have not performed a Qualifying Activity for more than 12 months. Inactive members may have their account terminated at Lemoney’s sole discretion.

Termination of Membership:
The following are violations of Lemoney’s membership policy and may result in termination of membership:

Having more than one account.

Using the same email address for more than one account (even if the accounts belong to different people).

Transferring, assigning, renting, selling, or sublicensing an account to another.

Allowing another person to access your account (except in the case of parents who open accounts on behalf of children between 13 and 18 years of age).

Circumventing the membership rules through bots or other means.

If Lemoney terminates your account, at its sole discretion, for violating any of the above or for any other action or activity that Lemoney determines, at its sole discretion, to constitute fraud, deceit, or circumvention of any of Lemoney’s rules, you agree to forfeit your entire Account Balance and all pending Rewards not yet credited to your Account Balance, and be excluded from Lemoney in the future.

In the event that Lemoney is notified by an Affiliate or other third party that a Member is believed to have committed fraud or otherwise violated such third party’s terms of service (a “Third-Party Violation”), Lemoney may, at its option and in its sole discretion, undertake any combination of the following actions:

  • Request from such Member an explanation, documentation, or other information as Lemoney may require in order to evaluate such third party’s belief that fraud and/or a violation has occurred.

  • Suspend or block some or all of such Member’s rights and privileges on the Lemoney website and in the Lemoney program, including any pending or subsequent withdrawal request by such Member.

  • Revoke some or all of such Member’s accrued Rewards and adjust such Member’s Account Balance as Lemoney, in its sole discretion, determines to be appropriate.

  • Terminate such Member’s membership in the Lemoney program. If your account is terminated or disabled for any other reason, such as for being Inactive, then your Cash Back will be forfeited and any further transactions which might otherwise become credited to your account will not be deemed to be applicable.

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About Lemoney

How is Lemoney different than other cashback sites?

Lemoney is the only site to offer Turbo Cashback, which allows you to get the best rates in more than 1700 stores.

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How can Lemoney pay me cashback on my purchases?

Lemoney receives commissions and/or payments from companies and affiliate stores that sell, advertise, promote or otherwise offer their products and services through our website. Lemoney, then, retains a fraction of the commission, but gives the majority back to the user who made the purchase (who gets the largest part).

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What browsers are supported by Lemoney?

For Windows XP, Vista and 7 users, Lemoney is best viewed in Firefox and Chrome 17 or higher. For Mac OSX users, Lemoney is best viewed in Firefox 9 or higher, Safari 5.06 or higher, and Chrome 17 or higher. If you are having trouble logging in and using Lemoney, you may need to adjust your browser settings.

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Is there any software or settings that can keep me from earning cashback?

Security software, such as Kaspersky or other protection software, can block the tracking cookies Lemoney uses to earn credit for your order. If you are using this type of software you will need to ensure that it is set up to allow cookies from Lemoney and our partner sites. Similarly, if using a firewall you need to keep the "Ad Blocking" turned off. Some toolbars can redirect the credit to another affiliate. If you have any toolbars installed you may need to check and see if they are linked to any other shopping rewards or coupon sites. The use of a browser that does not allow the creation of cookies can also keep you from earning. Lemoney highly recommends the use of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Due to the number of third party browsers available we cannot assure that any others will work properly with Lemoney. Using a browser’s "Private Browsing" feature at any point in the shopping process can render your purchase ineligible for cashback. Lastly, there are spyware or adware programs which can cause your online shopping to be reported as having come from another company. There are many free detection, removal and protection programs you can download online to protect you from and check for spyware or adware.

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