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Help - FAQ - About Us

What is Lemoney?

Lemoney is a free online shopping platform that:
 - Pays you cash back when shopping at our affiliate stores
 - Provides coupons and deals at your favorite stores
 - Gives you the possibility of creating a community and being rewarded whenever a member on your network purchases online through
 - Proposes activities that helps you multiply your gains

How do I join Lemoney?

Just sign up, it’s free! You can do it with your email, Facebook or Google+ accounts.

Is it necessary to become a member to earn rewards?

Yes! You earn rewards after becoming a member of Lemoney community! When you shop you must be logged in, so our affiliate stores know you are a member and can pay your cash back properly. Only after sign up you can invite friends, create a community and earn commissions when they shop too.

Do I need to pay to join Lemoney?

No! Lemoney is 100% free for users.

How can Lemoney pay me rewards for shopping?

Lemoney receives commissions and/or payments from companies and affiliate stores that sell, advertise, promote or otherwise offer their products and services at our website.
Lemoney, then, retains a fraction of the commission, but gives the majority back to the user who made the purchase (who gets the largest part) and to his community.

Can I lose Money with Lemoney?

No! Lemoney was created to make you earn cash, not lose it! If your account has a positive balance and you become an Inactive Member, Lemoney will discount US$ 5.00 per month until the account balance becomes US$ 0.00. But it never turns negative, don't worry!

Can I owe Lemoney money?

No! Your Lemoney account never turns negative! Lemoney was created to turn it positive!
You can earn cash even if you don’t purchase! Keep inviting people to join your community and every time they shop at our affiliated stores you gain a commission.

Why is it advantageous to join Lemoney rather than other cashback programs?

At, besides earning cash back when you shop, you can invite participants that will be part of your community and, whenever they make purchases, you earn some cash as well.

Can I earn cash even when I am not shopping?

You certainly can! If you are an Active member and keep expanding your community, you are rewarded every time a member of your community shops.

What if Lemoney doesn't offer the store I want?

We work daily to ensure our members enjoy a variety of goods and services from quality stores. If you would like to recommend a store, simply contact us and tell your preferences.
We will do everything possible to add the stores you want.

What if I want to return or cancel an order?

Returns are subject to the return policy of each store. If you return or cancel an item, we have to reverse any cash back earned from that sale.
Exchanges also usually reverse cash back rewards. In the process of an exchange, the store cancels the original order and replaces it with a new one. When the store registers the new order, it usually fails to capture the referral from Lemoney and doesn’t credit us a commission.
To avoid losing cash back on an exchange, we recommend returning the product and making a new transaction via Lemoney.

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