Earn C-Bonus and Multiply Your Community Commissions | Lemoney

Earn C-Bonus and Multiply Your Community Commissions

Shop with Lemoney, invite friends and boost your earnings

Step 1


Shop using Lemoney, invite friends and earn C-Bonus.

Step 2


Earn C-Bonus to boost your Community Commission.

Step 3


Multiply your Community Commission up to 5x per month with C-Bonus!

How to Earn C-Bonus

Cbonus coin = C-Bonus

Person *Inviting Friends

Invite a friend


Cbonus coin

*5 C-Bonuses are awarded when your friend makes a purchases of $25 or more within the 90 days after invited friend signs up. You can invite as many friends as you want.

Shopping cart *Making a Purchase

Purchases between $25 and $49.99


Cbonus coin

Purchases between $50 and $99.99


Cbonus coin

Purchases between $100 and $249.99


Cbonus coin

Purchases between $250 and $499.99


Cbonus coin

Purchases of $500 or more


Cbonus coin

*Lemoney may change any activity and/or C-Bonus at its sole discretion.

*Member can redeem up to 5X C-Bonus per calendar month

Any questions? Learn more on our FAQ

Lemoney testimonial icon Testimonials

Because of the community, I am saving and earning much more with Lemoney than I would do with any other cashback/coupon website.
Stephanie K.
I noticed that there was more than just cash back in my Lemoney account. Then I realized it was the commissions I earned.
Avatar Chris B.
I've talked about rebate sites practically from the beginning. Lemoney puts a twist on the concept.
John W.
Icon olark
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