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Cash Back for this retailer is subject to change (both up and down) at Lemoney's sole discretion. Only purchases made on this retailer's US site are eligible for cash back. Member needs to be logged in to be eligible to receiving cash back. Only tracked transactions will be considered, since some retailers are not available to discuss untracked ones.

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FYE is a leading specialty retailer of entertainment and pop culture merchandise stores In the United States and online at fye.com. They offer a unique entertainment perspective through innovative and creative products that further the connection between their customers and entertainment. Founded in 1972, FYE now operates nearly 250 stores and remains one of the most well-known names in retail entertainment.

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Terms and exclusions

Turbo Cash Back will be applied up to the first $100 portion of your shopping click. The regular cash back rate will be applied to the remaining balance (shopping click's value which exceeds $100).

Cash Back is not valid on the redemption of gift cards.

Make sure you’re not logged into any other cash back program while shopping through Lemoney (don’t forget to check if any browser extensions are activated). The last click before arriving at the store’s page and completing the purchase must be made through Lemoney to be correctly tracked. The purchase must be completed in a single session. Any items already in the shopping cart prior to clicking Lemoney's Shop Now button will not be tracked and can invalidate cash back for the entire purchase. The use of coupons or promo codes not found on Lemoney.com may void cash back.

Cash back exclusions

$100 Blue Ribbon $100 Red Bow $100Headphones $25 Blue Ribbon $25 Headphones $25 Red Bow $50 Blue Ribbon $50 Headphones $50 Red Bow Backstage Pass Ebates Fraud Ex. DP King Pop! Ex. Daryl Prison Ex. Drax w/ Groot Ex. Dryden Vos Pop! Ex. Giant Wight Ex. Jack-Jack Ex. Krampus Ex. Kurt Cobain MTV Ex. Pickle Rick Ex. Reptar w/ Cereal Ex. Star Wars Dryden Pop Exclusive Infinity Wars Iron Man Pop! Exclusive SDCC Betty Rubble Funko Rock Candy Exclusive SDCC Disney Flocked Chip & Dale 2pk Funko Pop! Exclusive SDCC Wilma Flinstone Funko Rock Candy Exclusive SDCC Wonder Twins 3pk Funko Pop! Flocked Chewbacca Flocked Chewbacca #2 Flocked Chewbacca #3 Giant Wight Gift Cards IT - Pop SKU # IT - with Rod IT with Rod - includes (dot) Infinity Exclusive Iron Man Pop! #2 Iron Man Unmasked Pop! SKU Ex. DP King Pop! UPC Ex. DP King Pop! Weird Al Weird Al CD Box Set Weird Al Complete Set Vinyl



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