Invite friends and be rewarded!

If you love Lemoney, let your friends know and be rewarded!

Invite Friends

If you have friends who enjoy saving and earning cash back (who doesn’t?), you should invite them to join Lemoney!

1. Invite your friends

Earn 3 Turbo Credits when a friend joins and makes a qualifying purchase*. They will also earn 3 Turbo Credit to boost their cash back rate.

2. Join Lemoney

With every friend who joins Lemoney and makes a qualifying purchase*, you can increase your cash back rate 3X.

3. Get Turbo Credits

Did 5 of your friends make a qualifying purchase*?
You will get 15 Turbo Credits!

*Qualifying purchase: A valid purchase of at least $25 made within 30 days from your friend's sign up. Excludes purchases not eligible for cash back, and Travel & Leisure purchases. Excludes self-referral.

What are you waiting for?

Invite your friends today and increase your cash back rates!

Invite Friends

Turbo Cash Back

Did you know that when you shop with Turbo Credits, your cash back rates increase?

Turbo Credit is a bonus that allows you to boost your cash back rate up to 5 times!