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Turbo Cashback applied up to $30. The regular cashback rate will be applied to the remaining balance.
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Cashback Terms

Turbo cashback will be applied up to the first $30 portion of your shopping click. The regular cashback rate will be applied to the remaining balance (shopping click's value which exceeds $30). By default, you can only use Turbo Cashback on one shopping click of your choice every calendar month*. Regular cashback rates will be applied to all other purchases.

* occasional promos may be offered to award you extra Turbo rates.

Cashback is not valid on the redemption of gift cards.

Use of coupons or promo codes not found on Lemoney.com may void cash back.

Cashback Exclusions
Store Program Product ID
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Apex Energetics -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Biotics Research -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Bluebonnet Nutrition -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Designs for Health -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Douglas Labs -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Dr. Mercola -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Dr. Wilson's Original Formulations -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Florastor -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Genestra -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Integrative Therapeutics -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Interplexus -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Kirkman -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Metagenics -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase NeuroScience -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Nordic Naturals -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase NuMedica -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Optimox -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Ortho Molecular Products -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Perque -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Pharmax -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Premier Research Labs -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Protocol for Life -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Pure Encapsulations -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase PureFormulas Essentials Oil Box Subscription -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Sedona Labs -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Seroyal -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Solgar -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Standard Process -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Thorne -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Transformation Enzyme -
Pureformulas.com - Purchase Vital Nutrients products -
Good To Know

Cashback for this retailer is subject to change (both up and down) at Lemoney's sole discretion. Only purchases made on this retailer's US site are eligible for cashback. Member needs to be logged in to be eligible to receiving cash back. Only tracked transactions will be considered, since some retailers are not available to discuss untracked ones.

The vast majority of transactions from merchants are successfully tracked but occasionally, a transaction may not get reported. In this case, Lemoney support team is ready to look for a solution; although Lemoney cannot guarantee the problem resolution and the cashback payment.

Please do not base purchase decisions on expected cashback – as it is not guaranteed. Some categories/products may not be eligible for cashback.

Read the full cashback terms before proceeding. Once you click the 'Shop Now' or 'Get Code' button you automatically agree to the terms.

Store Information

Forget the mass merchants of cheap, low-grade health supplements and find pure, healthy goodness at PureFormulas.com. With over 15,000 pharmaceutical grade health products from over 90 brands like Thorne, Metagenics, Biotics, and more, customers can shop by brand or category for the purest and highest-grade natural supplements available—all at great prices. At PureFormulas.com, products are always stored under climate-controlled conditions and properly rotated for guaranteed freshness. With hard-to-find brands, personalized customer service, and fast, economical shipping, great health is only a click away at PureFormulas.com.

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