PC Richard & Son
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4% Turbo rate is applied to first $120. Up to 1.7% Regular rate is applied to the exceeding amount.
PC Richard & Son
PC Richard & Son
Regular Cashback Up to 1.7%
PC Richard & Sons Purchase 1% Cashback
Vacuum Accessories 1.7% Cashback
Digital Answering Machines 1.7% Cashback
Range Accessories 1.7% Cashback
Software 1.7% Cashback
Dishwashers 1.7% Cashback
Mattresses 1.7% Cashback
Flat Panel Televisions 1.7% Cashback
Projection Televisions 1.7% Cashback
Foundations 1.7% Cashback
VCR's 1.7% Cashback
Indoor Grills 1.7% Cashback
Car Speakers 1.7% Cashback
Headphones 1.7% Cashback
Camera Accessories 1.7% Cashback
Batteries 1.7% Cashback
TV Accessories 1.7% Cashback
3D Glasses 1.7% Cashback
Upright Vacuums 1.7% Cashback
Coffee Accessories 1.7% Cashback
Flat Irons 1.4% Cashback
CD Players 1.4% Cashback
Electric Toothbrush Access 1.4% Cashback
Electric Toothbrushes 1.4% Cashback
Electric Shaver Accessories 1.4% Cashback
Pressure Washers 1.4% Cashback
Sheets & Pillow Cases 1.4% Cashback
Electric Shavers 1.4% Cashback
Headphone Stero/Cassettes 1.4% Cashback
Audio Stands/Cabinets 1.4% Cashback
Wall Sleeve Replacement A/C's 1.4% Cashback
Electric Can Openers 1.4% Cashback
Water Purifiers 1.4% Cashback
Home Theater Systems 1.4% Cashback
Voice Recorders 1.4% Cashback
Shelf Systems 1.4% Cashback
Point & Shoot Digital Cameras 1.4% Cashback
Fax Machines 1.4% Cashback
GPS Navigation Systems 1.4% Cashback
Portable CD Players 1.4% Cashback
Hard Drives 1.4% Cashback
Receivers 1.4% Cashback
Notebook Computers 1.4% Cashback
Tablets 1.4% Cashback
Bedding Frames 1.4% Cashback
Pillows 1.4% Cashback
Pillow Protectors 1.4% Cashback
Microwaves 1.4% Cashback
Headphone Accessories 1.4% Cashback
Food Processors 1.4% Cashback
Wall Ovens 1.4% Cashback
Scanners 1.4% Cashback
Outdoor Televisions 1.4% Cashback
Generators 1.4% Cashback
Amplifiers 1.4% Cashback
Coffee Makers 1.4% Cashback
Computer Accessories 1.4% Cashback
Window Air Conditioners 1.4% Cashback
Vacuum Sealers 1.4% Cashback
Electric Mixers 1.4% Cashback
Vacuum Sealer Accessories 1.4% Cashback
Electric Kettles 1.4% Cashback
Electric Heaters 1.4% Cashback
Coffee Grinders 1.4% Cashback
Espresso Machines 1.4% Cashback
Toaster Ovens 1.4% Cashback
Canister Vacuums 1.4% Cashback
Barbeque Accessories 1.4% Cashback
Bottled Water Dispensers 1.4% Cashback
Washer Accessories 1.4% Cashback
Cookware 1.4% Cashback
Blenders 1.4% Cashback
Window/Wall Slide-Out A/C's 1.4% Cashback
Humidifiers 1.4% Cashback
Air Cleaners 1.4% Cashback
Rice Cookers 1.4% Cashback
Toasters 1.4% Cashback
Hot Plates 1.4% Cashback
Irons 1.4% Cashback
Speaker Mounts/Stands 1.4% Cashback
Memory Cards 1.4% Cashback
Curling Irons 1.4% Cashback
Water Flossers 1.4% Cashback
Car Audio Accessories 1% Cashback
Notebook Batteries 1% Cashback
Handheld Organizers 1% Cashback
Blu-ray & DVD Players 1% Cashback
Music Keyboards 1% Cashback
Turntables 1% Cashback
Speakers 1% Cashback
Juicers 1% Cashback
Hair Dryers 1% Cashback
Washer/Dryer Combos 1% Cashback
Flashlights 1% Cashback
Wi-Fi Thermostats 1% Cashback
Bluetooth Speaker Accessories 1% Cashback
Bluetooth Accessories 1% Cashback
Karaoke Accessories 1% Cashback
Snow Shovels 1% Cashback
Car Safety 1% Cashback
Sound Bars 1% Cashback
Bluetooth Speakers 1% Cashback
Speaker Boxes 1% Cashback
Subwoofers 1% Cashback
Replacement Adapters 1% Cashback
Beer Dispensers 1% Cashback
Air Purifier Accessories 1% Cashback
Digital Photo Frames 1% Cashback
Humidifier Accessories 1% Cashback
Headphone Stereo/Cassettes 1% Cashback
Sewing Machines 1% Cashback
Range Hood Accessories 1% Cashback
Refrigerator Accessories 1% Cashback
Warming Drawers 1% Cashback
Barbeques 1% Cashback
Blank Audio Media 1% Cashback
Waffle Makers 1% Cashback
Slow Cookers 1% Cashback
Range Hoods 1% Cashback
Hard Floor Cleaners 1% Cashback
Portable Radio/Cassettes 1% Cashback
Windowless Portable A/C's 1% Cashback
Shredders 1% Cashback
Electric Snow Throwers 1% Cashback
Office Chairs 1% Cashback
Portable Audio Accessories 1% Cashback
Video Accessories 1% Cashback
Home Audio Accessories 1% Cashback
Dishwasher Accessories 1% Cashback
Flat Panel TV Mounts 1% Cashback
Dryer Accessories 1% Cashback
Slider/Casement A/C's 1% Cashback
Sandwich Makers 1% Cashback
Ice Makers 1% Cashback
Home Theater Seating 1% Cashback
Fans 1% Cashback
Downdrafts 1% Cashback
Deep Fryers 1% Cashback
Computer Desks/Workcenters 1% Cashback
Car Security Systems 1% Cashback
Car Amplifiers 1% Cashback
Beverage Centers 1% Cashback
Air Conditioner Accessories 1% Cashback
eBook Readers 1% Cashback
Printers 1% Cashback
Desktop Computers 1% Cashback
DSLR Digital Cameras 1% Cashback
Games 1% Cashback
Universal Remote Controls 1% Cashback
DVD Players 1% Cashback
Video Game Accessories 1% Cashback
Cordless Phones 1% Cashback
Camera Lenses 1% Cashback
Boomboxes 1% Cashback
Car Stereos 1% Cashback
Coffee 1% Cashback
Cooktops 1% Cashback
Refrigerators 1% Cashback
Video Security Systems 1% Cashback
Blank Video Media 1% Cashback
Dictionary/Translators 1% Cashback
Washers 1% Cashback
Corded Phones 1% Cashback
Wine Coolers 1% Cashback
Clock Radios 1% Cashback
eBook Reader Accessories 0.7% Cashback
Microwave Acc (Counter Top) 0.7% Cashback
Musical Keyboard Accessories 0.7% Cashback
Outdoor TV Mounts & Enclosures 0.7% Cashback
Phone Accessories 0.7% Cashback
Power Accessories 0.7% Cashback
Printer and Fax Accessories 0.7% Cashback
Hand Held and Stick Vacs 0.7% Cashback
Dryers 0.7% Cashback
Radar Detectors 0.7% Cashback
Satellite Radio Accessories 0.7% Cashback
Ranges 0.7% Cashback
Steam Cleaners 0.7% Cashback
Satellite Radio Tuners 0.7% Cashback
Smoke Alarms 0.7% Cashback
Generator Accessories 0.7% Cashback
Cellular Phone Accessories 0.7% Cashback
Battery Chargers 0.7% Cashback
Wall Oven Accessories 0.7% Cashback
Carbon Monoxide Detectors 0.7% Cashback
Water Purifier Accessories 0.7% Cashback
Game Consoles 0.7% Cashback
Netbook Computers 0.7% Cashback
Dehumidifiers 0.7% Cashback
Freezers 0.7% Cashback
Camcorders 0.7% Cashback
Monitors 0.7% Cashback
Drum Machines 0.7% Cashback
Front Projectors 0.7% Cashback
Calculators 0.7% Cashback
TV Stands 0.7% Cashback
MP3 Players 0.7% Cashback
DVD Movies 0.7% Cashback
Smart Watches 0.7% Cashback
Mobile Video Systems 0.7% Cashback
Karaoke Machines 0.7% Cashback
Snow Brooms 0.7% Cashback
Labeling Systems 0.7% Cashback


This store does not offer coupons.

Terms and Exclusions

Turbo cashback will be applied up to the first $120 portion of your shopping click. The regular cashback rate will be applied to the remaining balance (shopping click's value which exceeds $120).

Cashback is not valid on the redemption of gift cards.

Make sure you’re not logged into any other cashback program while shopping through Lemoney (don’t forget to check if any browser extensions are activated). The last click before arriving at the store’s page and completing the purchase must be made through Lemoney to be correctly tracked. The purchase must be completed in a single session. Any items already in the shopping cart prior to clicking Lemoney's Shop Now button will not be tracked and can invalidate cashback for the entire purchase. The use of coupons or promo codes not found on Lemoney.com may void cash back.

Good to Know

Cashback for this retailer is subject to change (both up and down) at Lemoney's sole discretion. Only purchases made on this retailer's US site are eligible for cashback. Member needs to be logged in to be eligible to receiving cash back. Only tracked transactions will be considered, since some retailers are not available to discuss untracked ones.

The vast majority of transactions from merchants are successfully tracked but occasionally, a transaction may not get reported. In this case, Lemoney support team is ready to look for a solution; although Lemoney cannot guarantee the problem resolution and the cashback payment.

Please do not base purchase decisions on expected cashback – as it is not guaranteed. Some categories/products may not be eligible for cashback.

Read the full cashback terms before proceeding. Once you click the 'Shop Now' or 'Get Code' button you automatically agree to the terms.