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Regular Cashback Up to $150.0

Known Host Purchase (VPS, SSD VPS or Dedicated Server) $22.5 Cashback
MD4 $150 Cashback
MD3 $112.5 Cashback
MD2 $87.5 Cashback
MD1 $62.5 Cashback
Cloud-3 $50 Cashback
MVPS-4 $42.5 Cashback
MVPS-3 $35 Cashback
Cloud-2 $35 Cashback
MVPS-2 $27.5 Cashback
Cloud-1 $25 Cashback
MVPS-1 $20 Cashback
RS-3 $17.5 Cashback
RS-2 $12.5 Cashback
RS-1 $10 Cashback
WP-2 $10 Cashback
SH-2 $7.5 Cashback
SH-1 $5 Cashback
WP-1 $5 Cashback
SSL $2.5 Cashback
Add On Services $2.5 Cashback
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True KVM Cloud Servers. 40% Initial Discount, 30% For Life.

+ Turbo Cashback + Up To $150.0 Cashback

Expires about 1 year from now
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50% off first term only. Managed WordPress hosting, single domain only. KHA50DEAL Coupon

+ Turbo Cashback + Up To $150.0 Cashback

Expires about 1 year from now
discount coupon

Premium Managed Virtual Private Server. 40% off the initial invoice, 30% off for life t...

+ Turbo Cashback + Up To $150.0 Cashback

Expires about 1 year from now
discount coupon

Managed KVM Cloud 30% off lifetime

+ Turbo Cashback + Up To $150.0 Cashback

Expires 17 days from now
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Store Information

With so many hosting companies to choose from, we at KnownHost want to make this important decision as easy as possible. Our innovative technology combines on-demand capabilities with top of the line service. We believe the key to a successful business relationship is achieved by understanding our customers' needs and following through with this understanding. We strive to achieve excellence through superior technology using both OpenVZ & KVM as well as providing solid support. We know what it takes to get you up and running and we will guide you all the way. Our success is credited to our customer service focus. You can always rely on KnownHost. All KnownHost's services are monitored with our advanced management tools, so performance will always be of the highest quality.
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