DoorDash Consumer
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Regular Cashback Up to $12.00

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DoorDash Consumer
DoorDash Consumer
Regular Cashback Up to $12.00
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First Order $12 Cashback


First Order, $0 Delivery Fee On The DoorDash App

Up to 0.0% Turbo Cashback $12.00 Cashback

First Order, $0 Delivery Fee

Up to 0.0% Turbo Cashback $12.00 Cashback

DoorDash Consumer banner Up to $12.00 cashback

Sign up with DoorDash through the App today and get 25% off your first order, up to $7 ...

Up to 0.0% Turbo Cashback $12.00 Cashback

Order top cuisines near you with DoorDash.

Up to 0.0% Turbo Cashback $12.00 Cashback

Terms and Exclusions

Good to Know

Cashback for this retailer is subject to change (both up and down) at Lemoney's sole discretion. Only purchases made on this retailer's US site are eligible for cashback. Member needs to be logged in to be eligible to receiving cash back. Only tracked transactions will be considered, since some retailers are not available to discuss untracked ones.

The vast majority of transactions from merchants are successfully tracked but occasionally, a transaction may not get reported. In this case, Lemoney support team is ready to look for a solution; although Lemoney cannot guarantee the problem resolution and the cashback payment.

Please do not base purchase decisions on expected cashback – as it is not guaranteed. Some categories/products may not be eligible for cashback.

Read the full cashback terms before proceeding. Once you click the 'Shop Now' or 'Get Code' button you automatically agree to the terms.

Store Information

DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities. We do this by empowering local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live.



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