Help - FAQ - Tasks / Activities

What is a suggested activity?

 - Shopping in specific affiliate stores
 - Making invited people become active members and purchasing within 90 days
 - Completing your profile information
 - Among others

Am I obligated to perform activities?

No, all tasks proposed by Lemoney are optional

What do I earn when I complete an activity?

Every time you accomplish an activity you are rewarded with C-Bonus. The amount of rewards in each activity will be known ahead of time.

How do I complete an activity?

Every activity will have its own rules that will be presented ahead of time.

Where can I find activities to perform?

You can find activities in C-Bonus tab.

When do I earn my Task/Activities rewards?

Your rewards will be available when the activity is demonstrably complete.

Where can I check my C-Bonus earnings?

You can find it at My C-Bonus tab