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What is Member Status?

Status shows the member’s current standing with Lemoney. There are 3 possible Member Status: Active Member, Dormant Member and Inactive Member.

What was Member Status made for?

Member’s status highlights the activity level of a user and helps Lemoney take action to reactivate this member or remove him/her from the community.


What is an Active Member?

It is the member that has confirmed his/her email address in the message sent by Lemoney and kept shopping in our affiliate stores or inviting new participants or completing suggested activities.

How do I become an Active Member?

When you sign up at Lemoney an email is sent to you. Confirm your e-mail address to become an Active member. Lemoney won’t allow your access to logged area if you do not confirm you e-mail address.


What is a Dormant Member?

Active Members can become Dormant Member if he/she doesn’t shop, invite new members or complete any activities within a 180-days period.

Why has my status changed to Dormant Member?

Because you didn't make any purchase, invited new participants or completed activities in the last 180 days. Perform any of the activities cited above and change your status to Active.
 -Shop in one of our affiliate Stores
 -Invite a new participant
 -Complete one of the suggested activities right now!

Can I shop as a Dormant Member?

Yes, and as soon as you finish your purchase your status will be changed to active

Can I redeem my balance as a Dormant Member?

Yes, you can withdraw your earnings as a Dormant Member.

Am I notified when I become a Dormant Member?

The day you become Dormant Lemoney sends you an email informing the change in status. 90 days later, if nothing has changed, you will be notified again.


What is an Inactive Member?

Inactive Member is a user that has passed the last 365 days without performing any activity (shopping, inviting new participants or completing suggested activities).
When you become an Inactive Member: you lose your community, your account will be discounted US$5.00 per month and when your balance reaches US$0.00 your profile is deleted from Lemoney's database

How do I become an Active Member again?

If your account balance is not US$ 0.00, perform an activity to change your status. If your profile has already been deleted, then you have to respond a new invitation and/or register all over again on Lemoney’s website.

What happens when you become an Inactive Member?

When you become Inactive you lose your community and your account is discounted by US$5.00 monthly. This debit will occur until this participant becomes Active again or his/her balance becomes US$0.00. When this happens, the account will be deleted from Lemoney.

How is the process of reallocating an Inactive Member that has become active again?

If an Inactive Member becomes active by performing one activity and then responding the confirmation email, he/she is allocated in an available spot closer to the base of the network.

Can an Inactive Member redeem his/her rewards?

No, to redeem a reward an Inactive member has to become active again.

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