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Help - FAQ - Invites

How can I Invite friends to join Lemoney?

You can copy and paste a link in your text messages, Twitter or any other media you want. You can send invitations by e-mail. You can invite via Facebook. You can invite by Google+ In My Invites tab you can find all these ways of inviting new members.

Invites can only be sent through my logged area on Lemoney?

People will only make part of your community if they sign up through your invitation. You can find invitations in My Invites tab. Even when you want to send links via text message you will need to copy it from your My Invites tab.

How can I invite people to join Lemoney through my personal e-mail platform?

Only if you copy and paste your invitation link available in MY INVITES tab.

Can I send invitations via Facebook?

In My Invites tab you can send invitations via Facebook or you can copy and paste the invitation link in your or your friend’s timeline.

How can I send invitations via Gmail contacts?

In My Invites tab you can send invitations via Google+

How do I know that an invitee became a member of my Community?

Your list of invitees will be available at My Invites tab showing his/her status.

Can I invite a person that is already a member?

No! Only new participants can be invited. Lemoney will warn you if you try to invite a person that already is a member.

Can I choose a slot to place a particular invitee?

No! Your invitee will be allocated in your community’s first available slot.

What is Invitation Link?

It is a link available in My Invites tab that you can send via text message, e-mail or share it in your social networks to grow your community.

Will my friends receive unsolicited emails?

We respect your friends' privacy and will only send an email invitation to your friends by your request. Once your friends join, they will be able to tailor their email subscriptions.

I do not understand the status of my invitation. Can you explain it, please?

  Waiting: It means that a friend you’ve invited has not signed up yet. Don’t worry! We will also send him/her 2 reminders by email (7 days and 21 days after 1st invitation so he/she can join Lemoney). If your invitation is not answered after 30 days, you will be able to invite this friend again.

  Sign up: It means that a friend you’ve invited has signed up and is a member of your community.

  Premium: It means that a friend you’ve invited has signed up, is a member of your community and made his/her first purchase within first 90 days of registration.

  Taken: It means that a friend you’ve invited was also invited by other(s) user(s) and accepted someone else’s invitation not yours. Sorry!

  Unavailable: It means that a friend you’ve invited has requested not to receive any further communications from Lemoney.

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