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Help - FAQ - Coupons

When I use my Coupons do I also earn Cash back?

Even when using coupons in our affiliate stores you can earn cash back. Isn’t it good? Join Now!

Do I need to copy the Coupon Code and paste it in the affiliate store website when I am shopping?

Depending on the online store, there are a few different places to enter the coupon code. In some cases, the coupon can be entered in the shopping cart, before checking out. Other times, the coupon is entered on the order review page prior to checkout. Look around carefully for the coupon code (also called promo codes) "submit" area before completing a purchase from an online store.

What if I don't see any place to put the code?

Check and see if the website has a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for an answer to the question. Often times you can find it on the "Customer Service" section of a website. If you do not see it anywhere on the site, call and ask the affiliate store’s customer service representative to explain to you how to use coupon codes on the website.

How do I know if a coupon code is working?

Usually the merchant will have a page showing how much you are being charged for the merchandise, how much is being discounted because you submitted your discount code, and any shipping fees that may be applied. This should show on an order page before you submit approval of the charges. If you enter the coupon code and do not see the discount on the order review page, try contacting their customer service.

What if the coupon code is not working?

Many times online stores will omit an expiration date for a coupon code so that it can be closely monitored and changed or discontinued quickly.  Online stores may alter or discontinue any promotion at any time. If a coupon does not work, it is best to look for another code.

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