Help - FAQ - Community Commission

What is Community Commission?

Community Commission is your monthly earnings generated by the members of your community. Since they make part of your community, you earn a percentage of each member’s cash back. The sum of them all is your community commission.

How is my Community Commission calculated?

Commission Community is calculated monthly. All commissions obtained in each level are added and a percentage is assigned. The percentage of each level is informed previously and applied to the sum of all the cashback of a certain level. By adding the result of each level you have your Community Commission. Don’t panic! We will do the math for you and it is easy to follow!

When is my Community Commission available?

Community Commission will be available to redeem when all transactions of a given month are effectively approved by our affiliate partners. The record of these accounts will be available in My Community tab.

How can I boost my Community Commission?

Completing suggested activities you earn C-Bonus . Monthly C-bonus multiplies your community commission!' You can also increase your earnings by increasing the number of members in your community Invite people and encourage them to invite new users too. Remind your friends to shop via Lemoney. Everyone wins!

What are the Rules of Community Structure?

Each single slot can be connected directly to only 4 slots. Considering your place as a landmark the levels below yours will have, respectively: 4, 16, 64, 256 slots and so on…

Why do community levels have a limited number of slots?

This is the structure proposed by Lemoney that makes networks grow vertically, instead of horizontally, giving people more opportunities.

Is there a maximum number of levels in a Community?

There is not a maximum number of Levels that a community may have, the more members are invited and join the community the more levels it will create respecting the network's structure rule.

Why Lemoney pays me Community Comission?

Lemoney believes that it is better when all participants earn together! That’s why we stimulate the growth of communities. It is not Lemoney that pays you directly for your community commissions, but rather, it reserves a percentage of the commissions generated in every purchase to reward th entire community. The more you invite new participants, the greater the chance of earning higher community commissions.

How can Lemoney pay me Community Commission?

Every purchase in our affiliate stores generates a commission and a portion is reserved to pay Community Commission.