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Help - FAQ - Community

What is Lemoney Community?

Lemoney Community is the environment where each and every member is allocated to participate in Lemoney. This network is formatted so that under each slot there are only 4 slots. Lemoney is the member n°1 and occupies the slot n°0 on the top of the community.

What are Slots?

Slots are the positions to be occupied by the members in the network.

How is Lemoney’s community structure formed?

It is formed by an ordered sequence of positions with a network structure composed of direct links between slots where each slot is directly connected to only four (4) other slots and so on.

What is Level Zero in the community?

It is the top Level in the network, the slot where the network starts. It is occupied by Lemoney (member n°0). Under level zero there is Level 1 with only 4 slots (1,2,3 and 4) and below these 4 slots there is level 2 with 16 slots (only 4 positions under each slot), and so on.

How are new levels created in communities?

The intelligence of our system fulfills automatically the available slots in a community. Every time a level is completed, another one is created respecting the rule of only 4 slots under each slot.

What is Member’s Community?

It is the community created below an individual’s slot. A participant can start and develop his own community in 2 ways:

1- By inviting new members. Every new member who signs up through his invitation is allocated under this user and his community will grow under his slot, every new member is allocated in a free slot closer to his place, always respecting the rule of only 4 slots under each slot.
2- The system allocates a new member that has signed up with no particular invitation, when the closest available place to Level 0 is in your community.

Who composes a member’s community?

A member’s community consists of:

1. Invited guests
2. Invited guests of invited guests
3. Participants allocated automatically by Lemoney system.

Why is it advantageous to invite new participants to my community?

Every time a member of your community shops in our affiliate stores he/she earns cash back. Because this user is a member of your community you earn a percentage of all cash back (see community commission) generated by this or any other participant in your network.

How can I grow my Community?

The proper way of growing your community is by sending out invitations. When your invitees sign up through your link, they make part of your community.

When do I start my Community?

At the moment you sign up at Lemoney's website, you are entitled to start your own community.

How did my community get bigger if I didn’t invite any new participant?

Even when you are not inviting, people are signing up to Lemoney’s website. This new participants are allocated in the available spot closest to Position 0. Every time your community has this spot, it is fulfilled with a new member and you earn a percentage of his/her cashback every time he/she shops at our affiliate stores.

Am I forced to build communities?

You are not forced to build your community, but it happens anyway since Lemoney allocates automatically new members to your community. Lemoney does encourage you to invite new participants so you can earn more rewards!

I don’t want to build a community! Can I still participate in Lemoney and be rewarded?

Even if you don’t want to, a community will be formed under your slot but the speed of its creation won’t be the same as if you were inviting people.

Can I lose my community?

Yes you can! If you become an Inactive member, you automatically lose your community. Don’t let this happen!

When I lose my community, do my guests lose their communities?

No! They keep their communities, the earliest subscription (the "oldest son") in the level right under yours assumes your spot on the network, while his "oldest son" assumes his place, and so on.

Can I change my position in a Community?

Only if you are the "oldest son" of a member placed before you in a community and he/she is removed (by fraud, inactivity or any other reason) losing his/her community. Reallocation always respects the "oldest son" rule, placing the older member in the level below in the position removed. In that manner, you never lose your community when reallocated, instead you can grow it!

Can I be in more than 1 member’s community?

Yes, if you are a member of someone’s community and this member is part of someone else’s community, you are participating in more than 1 community.

Can I have more than 1 community?

No, each participant can only have only one community, but there is no limit to how large your community can get.

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