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Help - FAQ - C-Bonus

What does C-Bonus mean?

C-bonus means Community Bonus. It is a reward you win every time you complete a suggested activity.

How does C-Bonus Work?

The amount of C-Bonus you earn multiplies your Community Commission in a given month. For instance: if your Community Commission is US$ 1.00 this month and your C-Bonus is 5, Your Total Commission for the month will be US$ 5.00 (US$ 1.00 x 5 C-bonus). Complete suggested activities, earn extra C-Bonus and boost your Community Commission!

How can I get C-Bonus?

You get C-Bonus when: Your guests purchase in our affiliate stores within 90 days after subscription Filling out our complete registration form Friends shop through a link you posted on Facebook Completing any other activity we suggest Pay attention, since there will be lots of opportunities to earn C-Bonus

When do I earn C-Bonus?

C-Bonus is credited when we receive confirmation of completed activities from our affiliate stores. When activities do not involve purchases, C-bonus are credited after its completion.

Where do I check my C-Bonus?

You can check it on “My C-Bonus” tab.

I have just completed a Task and can’t find my C-Bonus. Where is it?

Some activities need confirmation of completion from our affiliate stores. As soon as confirmation is received, your C-Bonus will be credited.

Can I use as many C-Bonus per month as available in my account?

No! You can only use a max of 5 C-Bonus per month. If you have 5 or less you will be able to use them all.

I had more than 5 C-Bonus, but only 5 were used in My Community Commission this month. What happened?

Only a max of 5 C-Bonus can be used per month. The remainder will be used next month.

Why can only 5 C-Bonuses be used per month?

Taking into consideration safe financial limits, Lemoney can only reward its users with a max of 5 C-Bonus per month.

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